Scitec Lean Boss 150caps


Treenibuusteri, joka tuo enemmän särmää pumppiisi polttaen rasvaa ja lisäten kovan lihaksen määrää


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Lose fat, gain hard muscle!

Lean Boss is an extreme body recomposition and performance booster formula, meaning that it will help you lose fat and gain hard muscle, while providing a serious edge in training and recovery!
Beta-alanine is a building block of Carnosine that is found in high concentrations in muscles, and it’s preferentially located in the strongest type II fast-twitch muscle fibers. Carnosine can pick up H( ) ions and delay the drop in pH increasing one’s ability to work harder and longer.

By boosting Carnosine with supplementation, we can increase our capacity to fight acid build up in working muscles. In a nutshell, Beta-alanine increases anaerobic and aerobic capacity (strength and endurance), oxygen uptake, dry muscle mass, and torches bodyfat!

Coleus Forskohlii also affects muscle anabolism (pure muscle building) and fat burning.
It’s a powerful cell-regulating messenger with many beneficial effects.
Beta-Ecdysterone is a non-hormonal anabolic and anti-catabolic agent as well. It can increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, two crucial factors in the accrual of muscle mass and decrease body fat in just a few short weeks! Also Ecdysterone has potent anti-oxidant properties. Lean Boss causes no water weight gain or bloat!


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Scitec Lean Boss 150caps