Quamtrax – Vegan Protein 500g

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Jos aiot sisällyttää ruokavalioosi 100%: n vegaanisen proteiinilähteen joka toimii vaihtoehtona


Vegan-proteiinin on vastaus ja sitä on saatavana kahdessa herkullisessa maussa !.

Quamtrax – Vegaaniproteiini 500g. tarjoaa ravitsemuksellista tukea niille, jotka etsivät korkealaatuista kasviperäistä proteiinin lähdettä.

Quamtrax – Vegan Protein 500g. provides nutritional support for those seeking a source of high quality non-dairy vegetarian protein.

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Quamtrax – Vegan Protein 500gQuamtrax –

Vegan Protein 500g on vegaaniproteiini Quamtrax Directiltä. Se tarjoaa ravitsemuksellista tukea niille, jotka etsivät korkealaatuista kasvisproteiinia ruokavalion tueksi . Tuote sisältää tasapainoisen yhdistelmän herneproteiineja ja riisiproteiineja, tällä yhdistelmällä saadaan korkealaatuinen proteiini jossa välttämättömät aminohapot ovat oikeassa suhteessa


Quamtrax – Vegan Protein 500g is a Vegan Protein from Quamtrax Direct, provides nutritional support for those seeking a source of high quality non-dairy vegetarian protein, contains a balanced combination of pea protein and rice protein, with a supply of essential amino acids for better support in the synthesis protein.

The pea protein is highly bioavailable, it does not contain gluten, it has excellent digestive properties, it is low in carbohydrates and it does not contain added sugar, all these qualities make it comparable to whey protein. Rice protein has been isolated to separate carbohydrates and proteins, which results in a high-quality vegetable protein powder, contains many essential amino acids and significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Combining both sources we have created a complete profile of proteins of vegetable origin, one of legume and another of cereal, of high biological value that offer unique benefits for your health, both proteins perfectly complement your amino acid profiles, they do not contain gluten, they are Easy to digest, they have longer satiating effects, low in lactose and cholesterol-free carbohydrates.

If you’re looking to include a 100% vegan sustainable protein supplement to your diet, that works as a real alternative to Quamtrax Direct’s Vegan Protein whey protein is the answer, plus it’s available in two delicious flavors!.


Nutrition Facts

Product Details


Dissolve 1 service in 250-300 ml of water.


Store in a cool dry place.



Pea protein 66,7%, rice protein 25%, flavors: vanilla cinnamon flavor, cream flavor, flavoring: bitter blocker, sweetener sucralose. May contains traces of milk, soy, gluten and egg.


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