Quamtrax Melatonin Complex 30 cap


The best formula to improve your sleep and relaxation.

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Daily stress, the hectic pace of modern life, nerves, anxiety or insomnia are some of the factors that we must fight every day. To do so, Quamtrax presents this product that will help us to feel more relaxed during the day and to fall asleep at night.

This product has been designed to reduce anxiety and nervousness due to its intake of valerian, poppy, passionflower and, especially, 5-HTP, which is the precursor of serotonin, a hormone responsible, among other things, of making us feel more calm and relaxed. Moreover, this product also will provide us with an intake of melatonin, a hormone with an antioxidant effect whose influence is crucial to fall asleep.


Griffonia simplicifolia 20% 5-HTP, Poppy dry extract (Papaver rhoeas), Passiflora incarnata dry extract, Melissa officinalis dry extract, magnesium stearate, Tilia powder flower, valerian officinalis dry extract, Anticaking: silicon dioxide, Melatonin.

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