Quamtrax – Instant Rice Flour 2000g


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Quamtrax – Instant Rice Flour 2000g

Quamtrax riisijauhe on tuote joka on samalla vähärasvainen, lähes sokeriton,  josta on helppo valmistaa ateria jolla voi tankata hiilihydraatteja ja joka maistuu todella hyvältä.

Riisijauheen makeutusaine on sukraloosi.


Quamtrax – Instant Rice Flour 2000g – Description

Occasionally, it is hard to find a sugar-free and easy-to-prepare source of carbohydrates but now we have recently launched a new Instant Rice Flour that will provide your body with sustained energy in a delicious and healthy way.

Unlimited options! It is a very multipurpose product that you can use to create tasty recipes, shakes or creams and as a thickener in your favorite dishes.

We have also created a line of incredible flavors with a soft extra-slim texture for those who have a sweet tooth so that their imagination is given full rein. It has a minimum fat and sugar intake, which makes it a star product.


Rice flour, flavor and sweetener (sucralose). May contain traces of milk, soy, glutem, egg, crustaceans and fish.

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