Gymbeam – Lady´s fitness belt Pink Camo


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Lady´s fitness belt Pink Camo is anatomically shaped, with which provides maximum support during exercise and at the same time grant you a freedom of movement

Lady´s fitness belt Pink Camo is anatomically shaped nylon belt with velcro-type fastening. It is shaped that in the rigidified part it achieves a maximum width and towards to hips it gradually narrows down. Shaping is rightly adapted to trunk, which provides a support by keeping adequate freedom of movement.


Into the core of this pink belt with Camo design are put special shaped rubber stripes, which are deployed to assure essentially raising of fortress of the belt and cutting down the deformation during exercise. The Pink Camo belt is very lightweight and thank to this low weight and used shaping, you can wear the belt during the whole exercise without stripping it off.


Lady´s fitness belt Pink Camo and it´s andvantages

  • good-quality fitness belt for exercising
  • anatomically shaped
  • velcro-type fastening
  • strong
  • lightweight
  • provides a support during exercise
  • keeps adequate freedom of movement

Which size of the belt is the right?

72 – 87 cm 79 – 90 cm


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