GymBeam Fatburner Nero, 120 kaps.


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Green coffee is very popular in the area of weight loss and acceleration of metabolism. Thanks to caffeine, which promotes fat burning and provides energy, has a positive  impact on both the concentration and mental focus during rigorous training. It also contains L-carnitine which affects oxidation of fatty acids and theiruse as an energy source. Fat burner Nero will be effective within a few minutes of use and  you are going to feel the fat burning! In addition to all these benefits, Nero doesn’t hide behind patented mixtures, but has a clear and transparent composition as indicated on the label.


Fat burner Nero and its benefits

  • strong complex fat burner
  • It contains a wide range of fat burners
  • ensures effective fat burning
  • controls and reduces the appetite
  • speeds up the metabolism
  • increases your energy level
  • supports mental focus
  • It has a fast effect
  • It is suitable for both men and women
  • it has a transparent composition


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