GymBeam – Ca-Zn-Mg 60tab


Ca-Zn-Mg on mineraalikompleksi – kalsium, sinkki ja magnesium, jotka ovat välttämättömiä kehon hyvinvoinnille. Näitä korvaamattomia mineraaleja tarvitaan terveille luille ja hampaille, lihaksen normaalille toiminnalle ja lihasten supistuksille sekä normaalille energianvaihdunnalle. Ne tukevat säännöllistä veren hyytymistä, hienosäätävät verenpainetta ja kolesterolitasoa. Ne parantavat unta, auttavat vähentämään väsymystä ja uupumusta ja tukevat hermojärjestelmää.



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GymBeam – Ca-Zn-Mg 60tab

GymBeam – Ca-Zn-Mg: mineraalien yhdistelmä – kalsium, magnesium ja sinkki elimistön hyvinvoinnin tukemiseen, luiden terveyden ja lihaksen normaalin toiminnan takaamiseksi.

Ca-Zn-Mg on yhdistelmä mineraaleja – kalsiumia, sinkkiä ja magnesiumia, jotka ovat välttämättömiä kehon hyvinvoinnille. Näitä korvaamattomia mineraaleja tarvitaan terveille luille, lihaksen normaalille toiminnalle ja veren säännölliselle hyytymiselle.

Ca-Zn-Mg vaikutus

edistää normaalia energian metaboliaa
tukee luiden, rustojen ja hampaiden paranemista
tukee lihaksen toimintaa ja lihasten supistumista
tukee sydämen toimintaa ja säätelee verenpainetta
– säätelee insuliinitasoa
auttaa vähentämään väsymystä ja uupumusta
tukee sukupuolielinten toimintaa
tukee hermojärjestelmän toimintaa
nopeuttaa haavojen, haavaumien, vammojen, leikkauksen jälkeisten haavojen ja arvien paranemista
on positiivinen vaikutus ihoon, hiuksiin ja kynsiin

GymBeam – Ca-Zn-Mg 60tab

GymBeam – Ca-Zn-Mg: a combination of minerals – calcium, magnesium and zinc for right function of organism, healthy bones and normal function of muscles

Ca-Zn-Mg is a combination of minerals – calcium, zinc and magnesium, which are necessary for right function of organism. These  irreplaceable minerals are needed for healthy bones, normal function of muscles and regular coagulation of blood.

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body and it´s structural element of teeth and bones. It decelerates a decrement of bone stock, abases a risk of fracture, protects from artrodynia, rheumatoid arthritis and bone´s changing. It participates in cell´s function, in muscular contractions, in transmission of nerve´s impuls and in blood coagulation. It abases a blood pressure, improves healing, contributes to normal energic metabolism and right function of muscles, including the heart. It calms down nerves, protects from insomnia, nerviness, and keeps also a healthy skin.

Magnesium is one of the most important intra-cellular minerals and it plays a relevant duty in many physical functions, including creation of teeth, bones and  muscular contractions. It helps keep healthy teeth, protects tooth enamel and increases a endurance towards dental caries. It is important for nerves, transfers nerve´s impulses, even improves memory and judgment. It has positive impact on digestion, modifies cholesterol regulates function of thyorid gland, modifies a blood pressure and improves heart´s activity, too. Besides, improves sleep, contributes to lowering a tiredness and exhaustion, contributes to normal energic metabolism and normal mucles´s function.

Zinc is requisite for every cell in the body – it is concentrated in muscles, bones, skin, kidneys, pancreas, eyes, in prostate gland at men.  It has a relevant duty at synthesis collagen, proteins, insulin and supports production of thyorid gland´s hormons. It reduces cholesterol level in the blood,  ensures a right function of genital organs – also, increases a creation of testosterone and semens at men. It strengthens immune system, heightens  endurance towards infections and effection such as prophylaxis. It has also positive impact on nails, hair and skin, supports healing of wounds, actively protects cells from free radicals and oxidative stress, reduces a creation of inflammations, eczemas and different types of skin diseases.

Ca-Zn-Mg and it´s influences

  • contributes to normal energic metabolism
  • supports a healt of bones, cartilages and teeth
  • supports function of muscles and  muscular contractions
  • supports function of heart and regulates a blood pressure
  • modifies a level of insulin
  • contributes to reduce tiredness and exhaustion
  • supports function of genital organs
  • supports function of nerve system
  • speeds up healing of wounds, ulcers, injuries, post-operative wounds and scars
  • has a positive impact on skin, hair and nails


Calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, anti-caking substance (micro-crystal cellulose), magnesium oxide, bulking agent (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), hydrochloride of glutamic acid, silicon, emulgator (magnesium stearate), stearate acid, oxide zinc, cooper sulphate, boracic acid.


Daily use 1 tablet and drink down by adequate amount of water.

Schedule of nutritional values

Nutritional values 1 dose (1 tab)
Calcium 333 mg
Zinc 5 mg
Magnesium 117 mg
Phosphor 83 mg
Copper 0,33 mg
Boron 33 μg
Silicon 6,7 mg
L-glutamic acid hydrochloride 33 mg


Do not use in case that you are alergic to any ingredient in this medicine. Do not overuse a daily dose. Medicine is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Feed adjuncts should not be use as an alternative of patchworky and balansed diet. Keep away from little children, by temperature of the room (5 – 30 °C), in closed wrapping, on dry place. Protect from light and wet.


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